How to Save Money

Money Saving

How to save money?

To save money, the first thing we have to do is learning how to cook. Next, we must know how to organize stuffs around the house and paperwork.  To me, these two things are very important. When we can do these things and the rest of things are so easy to all of us. Learning how to cook is not an easy task but it’s not a difficult as long we’re willing to learn, spend time practicing… However, the most important is that we must learn from our mistakes. The second thing, organizing stuffs around the house can be done on daily basic, some a day… Organizing paperwork is not an easy, even though, an organized person may off the line sometimes; however, with our willingness, we can do it like a piece of cake.

Following above two things we must be done in order saving the money, there are some other stuffs can help us saving more…

  1. Pay the bills on time.
  2. Grow vegetables or fruit trees around our properties so we can eat healthy, spend less money on grocery and save money on A/C.  The shade around the house can reduce A/C running especially in the summer time.  If we’re unable to grow vegetable directly into the soil, we can grow them in containers.
  3. Cut coupons for those things we need to buy.
  4. Write a list before going to the store.
  5. Go shopping alone if it’s possible. When we’re alone, we can weight which produces/groceries have more benefit like cheaper but in the same quality.
  6. Use grocery carry packages instead of using shopping carts .  We’ll spend more when using shopping carts because these carts make us so convenience in carrying stuffs around the stores.
  7. Change cable packages if we don’t have time to watch all of them.
  8. Cancel the cables or satellites if we’re not home most of the time.
  9. Sign up reward memberships.
  10. Search for great deals on credit cards.
  11. Negotiate credit card rates.
  12. Try not owe the money to the credit cards.  In case, if we owe money on credit cards, pay them ASAP by starting on cards with small owe first.  We can pay the ones have higher interest rates first, but to me, I think we should pay the cards have small owe first so we can have more power to pay the large ones…
  13. Change the banks if they cost us too much fees or there are no benefits.
  14. Drink more water instead of drinking juices. Water help cleaning our body system wastes…
  15. Carry our own lunches. We can cook extra food a day before so we can pack for lunch next day…
  16. Try avoid fast food and convenience foods as possible.
  17. Make sure our homes are air sealed so we can save money on electricity. Most of the time, rubber bands around our door frames are wear out.
  18. Unplug all electrical devices if we’re not using or after using them.
  19. Keep track utility bills so we can find and fix or correct if there are problems.
  20. Buy smaller houses if we haven’t have one yet. Smaller houses can help us saving lot of money, for examples, less property taxes, less house insurances, less electricity on A/C, less maintenance fees, less cleanings…
  21. Don’t ever speeding. This costs a lot a lot more than anything.
  22. Quit smoking if it’s possible.  It’s not easy especially some of us who had drought lives in the past but we can try cut smoke a little of a day.

So far, I came up that much on the above list.  I’ll post more if something come up…  Hope this list can help some off us.

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November 25, 2015 8:44 am