How to Clean a Driveway – Save Money, Save Time, Save Water

Cleaning a driveway is a nightmare for some people and it might be an opportunity for someone trying to take advantages at homeowners like you, especially when H.O.A. kiss your… with a letter with a cap “VIOLATION NOTICE”. Living in an H.O.A. subdivision, for sure, none of homeowner could escape the complaining about a driveway even though it is swept and there is none of debris at all. So, to break down this circle of complaining, we must together do a work. If you could take care your own without hiring anyone to do for you and then everyone does the same, I’m sure H.O.A. having no chance to send out complained letters because they figure they could not get any benefit from that. Usually, as I know, when you receive ads at your front door or in a mail box, then soon or later you will get a complaining letter if you don’t hire someone to do. Do they have a connection to each others, I can not tell but I can assume that yes, it is… Okay, forget about that, let’s go to learn how to do it.

Here are some tips for you to save your pockets. Some of these tips I got from my dad and then from that, I figured out others.

To save money for not hiring people to do, you have to do your own. Of course, you have to do some labors but these labors could help your health because it is an opportunity time for you having an excuse to exercise. You might be tired after doing the work; you might fall asleep. If you fall sleep, go to get a nap; after that, you will feel much better. If you have an ache after taking a nap, you can take a Tylenol or Advil and next day, your body will be back to normal.

Next, to save money on water using and time, you need to check the weather in your area. Look closure when it will be rain. Prepare and ready for the action. Right after the rain stops or slows down, do your job. You can wear a raincoat if you choose to do it in the slowing rain to prevent sick. Why do you need to wait for the rain? Because, after raining, the surface of the driveway is partial cleaned and the water might be absorbed into the concrete, you save some water to get it wet before doing the work. Also, the driveway surface is softer and easier for you to do than the dried one. The rain makes the things be done faster, easier and save more time, money and water (especially you have to pay more and more if you use more water in that month). This technique is also helping for the future water preserved too.

Okay, I know I talk too much about saving.

How to clean a driveway???

  1. Weather. Check to see when it will have some rain.
  2. Prepare. You need a brush with a long handle, a bottle of dish soap, a container and yourself. When the rain stops, mix the soap with hot water in a container.
  3. Cleaning. Deep a brush into the mixture container and then start brushing. Usually, I start brushing at heavy dirty pots first and then others and back to tough dirty ones or stubborn pots. You don’t have to do it fast, just take time, do slowly and slowly like you are practicing Tai Chi*** and then you have less chance of aching.
  4. After brushing all area of your driveway, you can leave it likes that for sometimes to make the soap deep down to the concrete. Usually, I pull out a garden horse spraying water to clean soap away and stubborn dirty pots at the evening.
  5. You will see some change after cleaning but more visualized cleans of your driveway by next day and after next couple rains.

Done. You have a cleaned driveway without paying a lot of money. Usually, I use probably about a dollar of soap and with a minimal water. If you hire someone to do for you, especially, the commercial, they use a lot of water because for the safety of their employees and/or themselves, the money they have to pay if their employees need medical attention plus work related liable insurances… they must do on dried days. Also, they want the job to be done fast. Also, you hear noisy because of their commercial machines. Not stopping at there, likes I just said that they want the work to be done faster, they must use a lot of chlorine. You will smell the chlorine plus the odor of the mixing chlorine and dirt next couple days. The odor of the combination of chlorine, dirt, concrete/cement is so nasty and it can make you nausea and headache. I know, some of you don’t care about those problems because you are AC person, but, think about your neighbors, outdoor people, kids who are living closed by your property… I’m sure you will breath some that unpleasant perfume mixture through the fan of your AC bringing into your house but you don’t notice or acknowledge that. Not only that, your driveway might get damage in the future due to…

I must confess, I got a little ache around my shoulder and my back but in return, I got my belly better… and eat anything I want without afraid of getting fat. I did take a nap when getting inside after spending time hanging out in the font doing this and that, chit chat with my neighbors… Most of the time, I choose not taking a counter pain medicine instead of taking a hot bath and some medicated oil massaging around my joints. I did take a Tylenol one time. It makes me feel great next day likes there is nothing happen to my body yesterday.

See you next post.

Monday, April 18, 2022, 3 P.M.
*** I have never practice Tai Chi; I saw a quick performing at somewhere through the video.